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            Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) is a national charity that aims to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs.

            Since our early days we have worked on two fronts. Firstly, to deliver a first class information and advice service directly to older people and their relatives and carers. Secondly, to raise awareness amongst other advisory agencies, professionals and policy makers of the importance people attach to information and advice which helps them make their own decisions about how and where to live in older age.

            Read more about EAC

            EAC FirstStop Advice

            First Stop

            FirstStop Advice is an independent, free telephone service offering advice and information to older people, their families and carers about housing and care options for later life. The service is provided by EAC in partnership with a number of other national and local organisations, and brings together a wealth of expertise to help older people and their carers explore the options and choices open to them. It can provide specialist help on any aspect of care, support or housing for elderly people, including financial issues as well as statutory rights and entitlements. A growing network of affiliated FirstStop Local services bring additional local knowledge, and in many cases can offer face-to-face advice including home visits.

            Visit the website: www.firststopadvice.org.uk

            HousingCare.org: Housing care advice and search

            HousingCare.org: Housing care advice and search

            Our flagship website providing a vast range of free information and guidance for elderly people, their relatives and carers, as well as professionals who work with them. Includes specialist directories of over 40,000 retirement housing developments and care homes in the UK, with details of nearly 3,000 available properties updated each week. A new Directory of Home Services provides information on local services that can help older people live safely and independently at home.

            Visit the site at www.housingcare.org.uk

            Art Awards 2014!

            View all the winners as well as photos of the Awards event at the House of Lords.


            Visit the Art Awards site

            EAC News

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